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Aaron Ghirardelli

Adjunct Professor and Attorney, Law Practice

Aaron Ghirardelli's Bio:

Aaron Ghirardelli is an experienced trial lawyer, with ten years of practice experience, LL.M. Magna Cum Laude from UC Hastings College of the Law.

Licensed in California and in Italy, Aaron Ghirardelli has worked for several years at one of the top law firms in the world, Clifford Chance, litigating some of the most relevant cases of the last years in Europe.

As a solo practitioner at Ghirardelli Law, Aaron Ghirardelli assists clients in several areas, including Arbitration, Cyberlaw, Transnational Litigation and International Business Transactions.

Aaron Ghirardelli has taught law in Los Angeles, San Diego and Tokyo. The focus of his scholarship is on Cyberlaw, International Commercial Arbitration and International Business Transactions.

Aaron Ghirardelli is the Coordinator of the International Commercial Arbitration moot court program at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, CA. Students enrolled in the program learn how to draft pleadings and present their arguments in an international arbitration case.

He has taught and is currently teaching International Business Transactions and Cyberlaw at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego.

Aaron Ghirardelli's Experience:

  • Adjunct Professor of Law at Thomas Jefferson School of Law

    Aaron has been teaching Cyberlaw since the Spring 2013 semester. During the course, students had the unique opportunity to join their professor in a field trip to San Francisco, where they met in-house lawyers from the top web companies in the Bay Area. The class visited the HQ of Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Zynga and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Aaron is currently teaching International Business Transactions in the Fall 2013 semester. The class enrollment is of 22 students. In this course, students will learn how to assist clients in international transactions and they will master the rules of relevant international conventions, such as the UN Convention for the international sale of goods. Aaron will teach Cyberlaw during the Spring 2014 semester.

  • Solo Practitioner at Ghirardelli Law

    Ghirardelli Law assists clients in a broad spectrum of practices. Having litigated cases in Europe and in the US, Aaron can provide his clients with extremely qualified assistance in any transnational litigation cases. Also, his expertise in Cyberlaw and International Business Transactions, subjects that he has been teaching at law schools in California, he can provide his clients with assistance on issues concerning internet startups, international negotiation, contract drafting and contract evaluation. Finally, his expertise in International Commercial Arbitration, developed during years of practice and teaching, allows Aaron to properly assist his clients both as an arbitrator or as counsel in arbitration.

  • Adjunct Professor and Coordinator of the LLS International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court Program at Loyola Law School

    Aaron is the Coordinator of the LLS International Commercial Arbitration moot program at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, CA. Students enrolled in the program learn how to draft memoranda and how to present a case before an international arbitration panel. In the 2013 edition, the final round of the moot court was held at the offices of JAMS in Los Angeles, where students argued their case before professional arbitrators. This moot program is aimed to prepare Loyola Law School's students for other international moot court programs such as the Willem C. Vis and Lawasia and to expose them to the rules of International Commercial Arbitration and CISG. Aaron has been involved with the Loyola Law School teams participating in the mentioned international moot programs in the past. He has coached the team for the Vis East moot in the 2012 edition, where Loyola Law School received Honorable Mention for the Respondent's memorandum. He has coached the school's team for the Lawasia moot in the 2011 edition.

  • Adjunct Professor of Law at Temple University Japan

    Aaron has taught International Commercial Arbitration during the Summer 2013 semester at the Tokyo campus of the Beasley School of Law, Temple University. During the semester, Aaron also held two seminars for US attorneys residing in Tokyo ("An Introductory Seminar on International Commercial Arbitration" and "The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 15 years after its enactment").

  • Internationalization Specialist at Twitter

    Aaron has coordinated the launch of Twitter in the Italian market from the Twitter offices in San Francisco, CA. In his role as localization expert, Aaron managed a team of more than 200 crowd-sourced translators and developed relationship with media and celebrities in the Italian market. In addition to this, Aaron provided his legal expertise to the Trust & Safety team on information requests from Italian authorities and reviewed the Italian version of the website's Terms of Services and Privacy Policies to assure compliance with the EU and Italian legal system.

  • Associate Attorney at Clifford Chance LLP

    Aaron has advised top international banks on major bankruptcy disputes in Europe (e.g. Parmalat bankruptcy case). Argued cases before courts, researched and drafted pleadings for American and Asian clients in top bankruptcy law / aviation law disputes in Europe (e.g. Volareweb and Alitalia bankruptcy cases). Advised international clients on the most relevant personal liability dispute in Europe (e.g. Mont Blanc case). Drafted memoranda and advised leading banks in finance law disputes. Drafted pleadings on behalf of top Russian companies in preliminary injunction's proceedings before Italian courts. Advised top Italian companies in IP litigation concerning European and domestic trademark law. Assisted clients in mediation proceedings in the United Kingdom. Drafted pleadings in domestic and international arbitrations.

Aaron Ghirardelli's Education:

  • UC Hastings College of the Law

    Master of Laws (LL.M.)
    Concentration: Dispute Resolution
    Activities: Magna Cum Laude Top student in Remedies, Mediation and China Business Law
  • Università  degli Studi di Milano

    Doctor of Law (JD)

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